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Milltek exhaust system suitable for BMW M2 Competition F87 - ECE

Milltek exhaust system suitable for BMW M2 Competition F87 - ECE

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Milltek Sport: manufacturer of high-performance exhaust systems and hi-flow sport catalytic converters

In the development of Milltek Sport's high-performance products, we rely on over 35 years of continuous development and technical expertise. The result is a comprehensive range of exhaust systems that is constantly expanding and based on the success of key brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Nissan builds.

That's why Milltek Sport is at the forefront of 'must haves' for tuning companies and car owners. Milltek Sport has selected authorized dealers and currently exports its products to over 90 countries around the world

Milltek exhaust system from OPF for BMW M2 Competition F87 ECE-approved

Milltek exhaust system for BMW M2 Competition consisting of:

  • MSBM298: Middle Silencer
  • MSBM301: rear silencer
  • MSBM302: flap outlet pipe left
  • MSBM303: flap outlet pipe right

Tailpipes optional:

  • 4x MSTIP225: carbon tailpipe
  • 4x MSAU529: tailpipe polished stainless steel
  • 4x MSTIP193: Matt titanium tailpipe
  • 4x MSTIP217: tailpipe titanium burnt
  • 4x MSAU532: tailpipe black matt

This Milltek exhaust system has an ECE approval and is permitted without registration within the STVO.

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