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Correction bearing rear crash link suitable for BMW G80 M3 / G82 M4

Correction bearing rear crash link suitable for BMW G80 M3 / G82 M4

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  • Aluminium bushes made of high-strength aluminum
  • 16mm High End Uniball bearing by Carl Hirschmann GmbH
  • Rear axle roll center and camber correction
  • Replacement for the soft rubber mounts on the rear camber arm
  • Reduce body roll by correcting roll center
  • more direct driving feeling
  • less elastokinematic toe and camber change
  • Black anodized for optimal rust protection
  • Set consisting of 2 inner and outer bearings with sleeves

With the BMW M models of the G series, the roll center changes when the car is lowered and is shifted downwards. This becomes noticeable through a stronger tendency of the vehicle to roll. This effect can be corrected by moving the pivot points of the crash link.

This is where our Uniball tie rods come in handy: With them, the camber arm moves a bit back into the normal position. A higher camber can also be achieved by twisting the outer bearing.

When designing our correction bearings, we placed the highest value on durability. The bearing bushes are made from high-strength aluminum. The pivot bearings are 16mm and come exclusively from Carl Hirschmann GmbH, which guarantees absolute precision and stability.

Both the joints and the spacer sleeves are made of high-strength and rust-free materials (no V2A) and thus guarantee a long service life.

Of course, our Uniball correction bearings can be registered on our premises and can therefore be used legally in road traffic.

All included parts are 100% made in Germany.

Attention: There are some correction bearings in circulation whose spacer sleeves are made of aluminum and are not guided in the uniball. We strongly advise against mounting these bearings as the spacer sleeves can break during assembly. This can lead to serious defects when driving.


BMW G80 M3
BMW G82 M4

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