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Tension strut bearing Uniball suitable for BMW E9x M3 / E82 1er M

Tension strut bearing Uniball suitable for BMW E9x M3 / E82 1er M

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  • Aluminium bushes made of high-strength aluminum
  • 18mm High End Uniball bearing by Carl Hirschmann GmbH
  • Rolled bearing for zero clearance
  • Replacement for the soft rubber bearings of the tension strut
  • much more direct driving feeling
  • less elastokinematic toe and camber change
  • Black anodized for optimal rust protection
  • Snap ring for extra security
  • Set consisting of 2 tension rod bearings incl. sleeves and snap rings

In the BMW M models of the E series, a relatively large rubber bearing is installed on the tension strut of the front axle. With a brisk driving style and use on the race track, this bearing deforms and causes a spongy driving experience.

With our Uniball tie rod bearings, the handling of your BMW changes noticeably. The vehicle steers more precisely and feels much more stable.

When designing our correction bearings, we placed the highest value on durability. The bearing bushes are made from high-strength aluminum. The pivot bearings are 18mm and come exclusively from Carl Hirschmann GmbH, which guarantees absolute precision and stability.

The uniball bearings are rolled into the aluminum bushings without play, which prevents the bushings from deflecting in the long run.

Both the joints and the spacer sleeves are made of high-strength and rust-free materials (no V2A) and thus guarantee a long service life.

Our Uniball tension strut bearings can of course be registered in-house and can therefore be used legally in road traffic.

All included parts are 100% made in Germany.


BMW E90 M3
BMW E92 M3
BMW E93 M3
BMW E82 1 Series M

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