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Wheel alignment with wheel load scale

Wheel alignment with wheel load scale

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  • Input measurement including documentation
  • Camber measurement and adjustment
  • Measuring and adjusting the toe
  • Adjustment of height and wheel loads on the wheel load scale
  • Adjustment of rebound and compression depending on the vehicle
  • Individual advice and consultation with the customer

A balanced chassis setup is fundamentally important for every vehicle that is driven on the race track. After installing the components, it is therefore important to coordinate everything as well as possible with the vehicle and driver.

Thanks to our 10 years of experience in motorsport, we can say one thing with certainty: It takes a lot of time and work to develop the perfect setup. Every driver, every car and every circuit has its own requirements.

Promising our customers "the perfect setup" right away would therefore be completely dubious. What we can promise, however: After a measurement with us, you have a solid setup that forms the basis for the final fine-tuning. That's why we attach importance to a detailed preliminary discussion.

Even after the measurement, we won't leave you alone: ​​If adjustments are required, we will discuss this in detail and accompany our customers on the way to the perfect adjustment.

When booking wheel alignment, please contact us by email or telephone to arrange an appointment.

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