Die Einschweißzelle ist fertig - der M4 ist zurück bei uns

The welding cell is ready - the M4 is back with us

After a few stays at Ireco Motorsport, the time had finally come: Our M4 is back in our workshop. The weld-in cell made of 25Chromo4 forms the basis for further conversion.

BMW M4 G82 Einschweißzelle 1

When designing the cell, it was important to us that we were directly involved in the design. Many thanks at this point to Ireco Motorsport. Our wishes were implemented there 1:1.

BMW M4 G82 Einschweißzelle 1

Of course, the entire construction corresponds to current FIA standards and is certified accordingly. Our M4 should be the first G82 with an FIA homologated cell.

BMW M4 G82 Einschweißzelle 3

In order to achieve maximum rigidity, the cell was reinforced with the body in as many places as possible. The rear axle was provided with additional supports.

BMW M4 G82 Einschweißzelle 4

Before it goes to the painter, various adjustments are made. We will devote particular attention to the topic of lightweight construction.

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