M4 G82 Nordschleife

Inventory and first laps of the Nordschleife for the M4

In the last few days we have been working intensively on the M4 G82. Before the conversion starts, we absolutely wanted to drive the standard car and see where we stand at all.

The M4 was the first to be weighed. BMW specifies the M4 Competition with an unladen weight of 1800kg. This includes a 90% tank filling, 68kg driver and 7kg luggage. Without a driver, luggage and with an empty tank we are moving at 1681kg.

Our M4 brought the following weights to the wheel load scale with a half-full tank:

M4 G82 Gewicht

So in total we are at 1713kg. If you subtract half the tank filling, you get a result of 1690kg. This corresponds relatively exactly to the factory specification.

After the weigh-in, it was off to the track. There it quickly became clear that the M4 G82 is significantly better positioned than its predecessor in terms of driving dynamics.

Even with the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, the M4 steers absolutely directly and enables cornering speeds that are far beyond those of the F82.

For us, these first laps were very important because we want to know how the production car behaves before we start the conversion.

BMW M4 G82 Nordschleife

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